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Patients improve when they commit themselves to Health and have intelligent informed mentors to assist them in achieving WholeLife Wellness.


At Cornerstone the tag line OneLife LiveWell is meant to inspire and help our patients meet and exceed their goals and desires for Health.


One of the ways we help Patients is by recognizing that practicing Good Health requires partnership. This partnership requires an agreement by both the Provider and the Patient to seek wellness and work out the process over time.


We also understand that illness is just as much a part of the life cycle as health and it requires compassionate care. Embracing the realities of both health and illness allows the care to be more than ordinary. That’s our goal to help you see your health as a natural part of living.



“When you walk through the door the healing should begin.”

The practice is located in a centrally accessible setting and was uniquely designed to have the look and feel of wellness. When you enter the waiting room you are surrounded by a calm, modern setting that invites the healing process to begin.



“Designed for you.”

Cornerstone Family Practice is designed to be:

You can trust you are always on our radar and we are working to keep you on track toward your goals.




“Slow down, take a deep breath, see the stars, reach out.”

At Cornerstone Family Practice we see wellness starting in the mind. It is a decision to seek a balanced life, live well and long and give back generously. Vigor and vitality are the products of seeking to live a lifestyle that points toward health. We focus on the Fab 5 – Nutrition, Fitness, Prevention, Life Discipline and Spiritual Balance. READ MORE



“Treating the whole you”.

Osteopathic physicians are trained to provide every aspect of health care. The core philosophy of osteopathic training is based on three important principles. First, the body is designed to heal itself. Second, each person is unique. Third, each person should be considered as a whole when considering health and wellness. READ MORE



“The healing touch.”

Osteopathic Manipulation is the therapeutic extension of the philosophy that the body works as a whole to prevent disease and promote healing.


Manipulation of the skeletal system transcends all the physiologic systems optimizing your body’s ability to prevent disease and enhance healing. Specifically, circulation, lymphatic drainage, nerve transmission, muscular relaxation and energy flow is enhanced to promote optimal health. Dr. George specializes in Osteopathic Manipulation and often receives patient referrals for treatment, as well as, enhancement of overall health.



“Be vibrant inside and out.”

You put a huge effort into caring for yourself with proper nutrition, fitness and rest yet you look in the mirror and do not see your inner health and beauty fully reflected.  Time, gravity and stress may seem to be robbing you of the fruits of your labor. At CPH we believe that the healthy “inside you” should shine through to the “outside you”.  READ MORE



“The last weight loss program you will ever need.”

At Cornerstone we believe nutrition is the foundation of health. Simply put you are what you eat. We emphasize good nutritional habits for all of our patients. Sometimes weight loss is necessary. With the help of the ground breaking research of George Blackburn, MD, PhD, Professor of Nutrition at Harvard Medical School, we have developed LiveWell JumpStart weight loss program. READ MORE


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